On the use of Dex

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OII’s position statement on the use of Dexamethasone during pregnancy (June 2010)

We, the board members of the Organisation Intersex International, wish to express our support of Drs. Feder, Dreger and Lindemann, for their vigilance and efforts to ensure the safety of intersex infants and their mothers who are currently being prescribed dexamethasone.
We share their concerns about this experimental use of dexamethasone currently underway in the United States.
We would like our friends and allies to read the letter that Drs. Feder, Dreger and Lindemann have signed to request an investigation into this serious matter.
We thank them for their support and await the results of this enquiry, hoping that, whatever the outcome, intersex children and their parents will be granted their inalienable human rights and treated with all the dignity that any child and parent should expect
For more information:
Gina Wilson, Founder of OII-Australia
Chris Somers xxy, Spokesperson for Intergender Issues
Dra. Wal Torres,  MS PhD, Porta-voz, OII-Brasil
Lucie Gosselin, Vice-Présidente de l’OII
André Fiset,  Cofondateur, Trésorier
André Lorek, Outreach and support chair for the intergender community
Mayssa Hamza, OII Spokeswoman for the Arabic speaking Islamic Community
United Kingdom
Sophia Siedlberg, Spokeswoman for the UK
Michelle O’Brien, Researcher: socio-cultural aspects of the medicalisation of gender
Y. Gavriel Ansara, Spokesman, Multicultural Issues
Hida Viloria, Spokesperson for Human Rights
Curtis E. Hinkle, Founder of OII
Prof. M. Italiano, Advisor on Biosex Variations
Bhakti Ananda Goswami, Diversity and Tolerance Spokesman
Tom Odegard, Contact for Washington
Jim Costich, Contact for New York
Cynthya BrianKate, Contact for New York
Testika Filch Milquetoast, Contact for New York
Reade Sitton, Contact for Texas