We Should Not Be Teaching Prejudice

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A clear and concise article by Icelandic Intersex activist, Kitty Anderson about how negative language continues to influence people’s misunderstandings about what it is to be intersex

Writing for Gay Iceland, Kitty clearly illustrates the negative language about intersex embodiment still being employed in the teaching material still being used in Icelandic schools.  Whilst specific to Iceland, the article is equally relevant to how intersex continues to be portrayed in the UK, and other countries.



Kitty points out that society has gone through a rapid change over the last 15-16 years. It is becoming aware of the variety of people living in it. And in light of that: “It’s ridiculous when you stumble upon this kind of usage of words,” she says referring to the word ‘freak’ in the biology glossary. “We’re 15 years into a new century, this is something we should be getting rid of from our society.”






Kitty’s article can be read in full, here


Since the original article was published in Iceland, there has been a meeting between Intersex Iceland and the publishers, resulting in this open apology and a firm expression of intent that the wording will be changed, firstly in online editions, and subsequently in newly printed copies.