A First! Liberal Democrat Party calls for Intersex Human Rights support

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In a first for a UK political party in the UK, the Liberal Democrat Party Conference today unanimously acknowledged abuses of intersex human rights, and called for much greater official recognition for advocates in the LGBTI arena.

In a wide ranging motion that also encompassed gender variation and trans rights, the Liberal Democrats called for the phasing out of non-consensual, genital surgeries and hormone interventions on intersex infants and young children.  Conference called for anti-discrimination legislation to include intersex prejudice, as it does now in Jersey.  Conference went on to call for a dialogue between the Royal Colleges and intersex and trans representatives to acknowledge the rights of individuals to engage in the decisions made about them, and acknowledge the right of personal autonomy that all individuals are entitled to.

Leslie Jaye commented on this

I am grateful to have been invited to share with the Liberal Democrat LGBT group about intersex human rights issues.  This Conference decision reflects a growing awareness of intersex human rights abuses; one that has been recently discussed by colleagues with representatives at the UN in Geneva.  I hope this landmark decision is echoed in other public arenas, and continues to raise awareness of intersex rights in all spheres of life.



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  1. Holly Greenberry

    Great starter and comment from the Lib Dems. Excellent. Hopfully you can join our work to meet with Conservative Government soon. Unity.