Beyond Boundaries – Intersex in Hong Kong and China

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Small Luk, is the founder of an intersex group in Hong Kong, and talks here about the intersex movement in Hong Kong and mainland China. A personal essay written for Intersex Awareness Day.small-luk-300x185


‘I am Small Luk, an intersex activist from Hong Kong, and the founder of a project called BBKCI Beyond the Boundary – Knowing and Concerns Intersex (藩籬以外-認識及關愛雙性⼈) in 2011. I make my living as a registered social worker, Chinese medicine practitioner, and clinical hypnotherapist.

At BBKCI, we work in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Taiwan, and Asia. My job at a holistic treatment clinic supports my work in BBKCI.  If I depended on external funding or donations this could prevent me from visiting intersex people facing difficulties in mainland China.’

You can read Small’s article here